5 Easy Strategies for Relaxed and Healthier Holidays

by Claudia

Five Strategies for Relaxed and Healthier Holidays

The end of the year can be a very stressful, busy, and not particularly healthy time of year. With so many holidays and gatherings, it can seem easier to just throw our hands up in the air.

I want to help you move through this holiday season more smoothly, so I’m sharing five practical, easy-to-implement strategies for making the holidays less stressful and healthier overall:

  1. Take 15. Take 15 minutes each day to take care of yourself in a way that feeds you. That could mean taking a walk outside, reading, taking a bath, writing, yoga, meditation, or just breathing. My only request is that you step away from your TV, your computer, your phone, etc. and just be present for those 15 minutes, and allow the mental chatter to wind down a bit.
  2. Half of your plate. Make sure that for 1-2 meals each day, half of your plate is filled with vegetables. Focus on adding more plants, particularly vegetables, into your meals, and use this as an easy visual cue. Plant-based foods reduce inflammation in the body, which contributes to stress levels, so this is an easy way to reduce the inflammation and stress in your body throughout the holiday season.
  3. Slow down. Recently I shared some tips for slowing down at meals. Make a conscious effort to slow down during the holidays when eating, when cooking, when driving, etc. Anywhere that you can, try to slow down, even just a little.
  4. Drink more water. Add just one more glass of water to your day. The easiest way to do this is to make it a regular ritual, e.g. first thing in the morning, before you do anything else. The extra water will help your body run more smoothly, allow it to flush things out more easily, and keep your circulatory and lymphatic systems flowing more freely.
  5. Be conscious of the stimulants. Be more aware of your sugar, caffeine, and processed food intake. Make educated and conscious decisions on whether to have those stimulants or not. I’m not saying don’t have them, just do so consciously and make it a clear decision rather than automatic.


Have a wonderful holiday season. Focusing on gratitude is such a wonderful way to end the year, and it’s something that can often be forgotten in the busyness of the season.

I am so grateful for your presence in this community, and for all of the wonderful messages. Thank you. You are the reason I do this work.
In much gratitude and joy,


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