How to Avoid Getting Stuck in a Rut

Recently, many people have come to me frustrated with routines they’ve developed.

Something we can often forget, is that our needs change over time.

What worked for you last year may not be the ideal solution for you this year.

What worked for you last month may not be best for you this month.

What worked for 10 years ago is may not be right for you now.

It can be incredibly frustrating.
But more than anything, it’s incredibly freeing.

If something that worked for you before is no longer serving you, I encourage you to consider dropping it.
Even just for a little while.
Maybe a week. Or a month. Or just a couple of days.

But don’t just leave a void.

Instead try something different.
Try a different approach.
Try a different activity, or a different food.
Or a variation of what you have been doing.

There’s no shame in re-testing a strategy to see if it’s still working for you.
You may discover it’s no longer working.
Or, you may also discover that it is.

Either way, you’ll know what’s right for you at this moment.


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