How to Cultivate the SKILL of Happiness

by Claudia

How to Cultivate the SKILL of Happiness

Today I was planning to share with you some steps to prepare for the change in seasons, but something pressing has been coming up a lot lately, and the crux of that message couldn’t wait. So the info on the change in seasons will have to wait until next week.

I’ve had several people express to me recently that they just aren’t happy people, that it isn’t part of their personality. Never has been. Never will be.

Well, I have news for you: Happiness is not a personality trait. It is a skill.

That means it’s something that can be learned and cultivated. It also means that if happiness isn’t a normal part of your life right now, you can change that.

I made a video to share one of my favorite strategies for cultivating happiness.

If you found this video helpful, please share it. This is one tip that completely transformed my own relationship with happiness and I’ve seen it do the same for the countless others. The farther we can spread it, the better!

In gratitude,

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