Easy Nut Milk Recipe

by Claudia

Easy Nut Milk Recipe

Options for non-dairy alternatives to milk are among some of the requests I get most often. Nut milks are absolutely the best, and what’s even more fantastic is they’re so easy to make yourself. All you need are nuts, water and a blender. So today I’m going to walk you through how to make almond milk (one of my favorites!). You can use this same process for any nuts (and even some seeds). So let’s get into it, shall we?

Home-Made Almond Milk

What you’ll need:

  • almonds (1 cup will make a fairly large batch for 1 or 2 people)
  • water
  • pinch of high quality salt
  • optional: dates (for a natural sweetener), cacao, vanilla bean, other spices, frozen fruits

Soak the almonds overnight (or for 6-8 hours) in a large bowl filled with water. If using dates, soak the dates with the almonds. Rinse almonds thoroughly after soaking. Remove the skins from the almonds (just squeeze them between your fingers and they should pop out of their skins quite easily) and place them in your blender. Process the almonds a bit just to get them started.

Add salt, soaked dates, and any spices. Add about 1 cup of water to start. Blend together until smooth. Add water until you get the thickness you want. If you find the almond milk is a big gritty, you can strain it through a fine wire mesh strainer or a nut milk bag (paint strainer bags are equivalent) to remove some of the pulp. Enjoy!

I prefer to make my nut milks fairly plain and then dress them up to taste as I use them. Some great ways to use your home-made nut milk:

  • as a base for smoothies
  • in sauces or soups
  • in breakfasts (e.g. cereal, muesli, oatmeal)
  • in desserts
  • as part of an after-school snack for kids
  • or just as a refreshing, delicious drink

As always, play around with it! Experiment and have fun. The kitchen is the best place to play and try out new things. Some other great options are hazelnuts, cashews, brazil nuts, walnuts, sesame seeds and even pumpkin seeds. For the seeds, I would recommend soaking them for 1-2 hours rather than 6-8 hours.


Next week, I’ll share my top tips for preparing for fall and how to get in sync with the seasons.

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