Preparing for Fall: 3 Steps You Can Take Today

by Claudia

Preparing for Fall: 3 Steps To Take Today

It has definitely gotten chillier here, and on a recent trip to Colorado I saw some of the leaves starting to change colors… Fall is definitely on its way!

One thing I like to do with the change in seasons, is to set myself up to take full advantage of the next season.

Our bodies are meant to live in harmony with the seasons, and when we do, it positively affects our minds, our bodies and even our emotions.

So what can you do now to prepare for Fall? Here are 3 tips to get you off on the right foot:

  1. Shop at your local Farmer’s Market. Eating fresh, seasonal produce is one of the best things you can do for your health. By going to your local farmer’s market regularly, you’ll get a feel for what’s in season, so that even when you go to the store to get produce, you’ll know what to look for as we head into Fall.
  2. Put your favorite Fall recipes in one place. It’s so much easier to eat seasonally when you have your favorite seasonal recipes easily accessible, so set aside a few minutes to get yourself set up.
  3. Use an oil on your skin. Massaging just a small amount of oil into your skin each day helps to protect it and keep it supple. It also helps to calm the many nerve endings that get frazzled throughout the day from a lot of stimulation. This is particularly helpful in the Fall and Winter seasons so now is a great time to start. Experiment with different oils until you find one (or more) that you like. Some of my favorites to start you off: sesame, almond, jojoba, and argan oil.

Now is the perfect time to start easing yourself into your Fall routine and setting yourself up to take full advantage of it.

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