Quick and Easy Meals On the Go

by Claudia

Quick and Easy Meals on the Go

I hope you are having a wonderful week so far! I just returned from a lovely weekend in LA at a workshop that was very powerful and I’m finding myself still digesting the information.

This week, I wanted to cover something that comes up often: how to nourish your body when you’re at work or on the go and short on time. Often that’s where we struggle the most. So today I’m going to share with one of my favorite ways for ensuring I have a quick and easy meal on the go whenever I need it.

Salad Jars are some of my absolute favorite on the go meals. I just fill a mason jar with the ingredients for a salad and then when I’m ready for my meal, all I need to do is either shake the jar or pour everything out into a bowl or onto a plate. I often make several jars in advance for the week, so I can just grab and go.

I like to use a glass jar for this like a mason jar, though you could use ceramic as well. I would recommend avoiding plastic for several reasons, one of the biggest being the acidity of salad dressings causes the plastic to leach into your food (eek!). Ball jars are very easy to get and have unlimited uses, so I highly recommend them.

While you could put the salad items in the jar in whatever order you like, there’s a trick to keeping everything as fresh as possible. So particularly if you’re preparing them in advance, you’ll want to use a specific order when making a salad jar. Here it is:

TOP: your salad greens (e.g. spinach, kale, romaine, mustard greens, arugula)
2ND LAYER: lighter cut vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, quinoa, rice, mushrooms, etc.
3RD LAYER: denser vegetables, legumes, etc.
BOTTOM: salad dressing
Then all you need to do is seal, pack and enjoy when you’re ready. I use these for quick and easy meals when I know I’ll be away from home for most of the day, if I’m traveling, and even at home when I’m short on time. Try it out, play with the ingredients, and see what combinations you enjoy!

In joy and appreciation,


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