Spring Cleaning Your Space

by Claudia

Spring Cleaning Your Space

Over the last two posts, I helped you clear our your mind and your body. Now it’s time to do some spring cleaning of your physical surroundings. Our physical surroundings and what we have around us, has a huge effect on us emotionally and physically. So let’s make some room for more goodness by taking charge of that now.

Here are my top tips for spring cleaning your physical surroundings:

1. Ditch the Clutter. Extra clutter around the house not only looks bad, it actually increases our stress levels. So I want you to find one area of your home you can focus on each week. Maybe it’s that kitchen drawer with all the odds and ends in it. Maybe it’s your desk. Maybe it’s your bedroom, or your closet. Pick one area each week and dedicate some time to ditching the clutter from that area.

2. Read Labels. Read the labels on your personal care and cleaning products. If you don’t recognize an ingredient, look it up. EWG offers a great searchable database called Skin Deep where you can look up specific products or ingredients to find out what they are and if they’ve been shown to be benign or harmful. Start looking at what’s in the stuff you put on your body and in your home. Determine what to remove and try out some all-natural replacements (hint: I’ve got a recipe you can use below for cleaning your home).

3. Create a Safe Haven. Pick one area of your home to turn into your safe haven. It could be an entire room or a corner of room. Clear it out and create an inviting and peaceful space for yourself. Try to spend some time there as often as possible.

Now here’s a recipe for an all-natural cleaner that’s super simple and effective:

Mix 1 part white vinegar to 9 parts water. That’s it!
Place in a spray bottle and use as an all-purpose cleaner.

In joy,

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