Stop Doing Lists

by Claudia

Stop Doing Lists

Happy July! Summer is definitely here!
How are you finding time to spend outside?
How are you taking care of yourself this month?

One of my favorite ways to take care of myself is to make a “Stop Doing” List.

You’re probably all too familiar with ridiculously long “To Do” lists. This is very different…

What do you do regularly that leaves you feeling drained?
What do you need to stop doing in order to live a more balanced life?

Think about all areas of your life, and come up with things you’re going to “stop doing”.

Some examples:

  • Stop taking red-eye flights
  • Stop meeting up with ______, who drains my energy
  • Stop rushing in the mornings
  • Stop working on projects that aren’t in my strengths zone
  • Stopping signing up for events I don’t want to go to

So what’s on your Stop Doing List?

In gratitude,



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